Sorting values in Excel by the END of a string

Just a short post about a question a friend just posted on Facebook. He needs to sort his Excel sheet by the end of a string in a column.

Well, basic coding brains solve that with RIGHT() or SUBSTR() functions and I have posted it several times for the Microsoft Excel haters: Excel is a brilliant piece of software to visualize simple coded procedures for your un-geeky marketing department :-)

Using RIGHT() in Excel in a new column

Using RIGHT() in Excel in a new column

Just insert a new column, use the RIGHT() formula and drag the black box down at the right lower black square to inherit the value down the whole columns.

Then sort by that extra column the way you want.

That ALSO works with most of the other sorting problems you might have. Converting strings into numbers, numbers into strings, filling up blanks with ZEROS in the beginning, etc.

Excel is a simple (and limited) BASIC coding interface and pretty useful to shut up people, who want you to provide a senseless amount of numbers. Everybody who ever raised VC knows, what I mean 😉

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