Developing mobile and desktop versions out of one source!

It is 2014 and we are waiting for TideKit to open their gates. Finally!

I do hope you all had a good start this morning is this bright new year! I posted some thoughts on developing in HTML5 last year already and mentioned the nice TideSDK in which we wrote our sweet little SwarmDesk tool. The downside of TideSDK is the lack of compilation possibilities for smartphones, despite the fact it came from the Titanium hemisphere.

When I looked into Titanium, I found it too complicated, too Mac-centric to really have fun with it, even if some of my friends used it to create fantastic apps. So I was quite pleased to get to know David and Christian from CoastalForge last year and learn about TideKit and their plans with it.

Today on Twitter I saw:

and hope that they are going live soon with it. It will open a lot of possibilities for developers, who are using HTML5 and JavaScript!

So: set your alarm clocks and sign-up!

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