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Dear colleagues @ThingLink,

let me first say, that I really like your service and found it by accident via Twitter. When I looked at your traffic development over the 6 months, I noticed that the site is not taking off, as I would expect from a cool service like yours.

Please allow me, to tell you from my point of view of one of the reasons and I will just point out the most pressing problems of your site, using this map image:

thinglink map

First of all: there is no doubt among internet marketeers, that the bulk of traffic (and new users for you) is coming from the search engines – mostly Google! So, when you build your site, you would make sure that the search engines understand the pages, read the text and will show the pages for certain keywords. You obviously decided to give them a hard time and NOT to take that free traffic (I know that you want to focus on “social”, but you can do one thing without NOT doing the other, too). IMHO a inferior decision for such a nice site.

Do me a favor and:

  1. Add the text of the tags of the image readable for search engines to the source of the page (see how slideshare is doing it, below the comments?)
  2. Write the full title on the page, so at least there is a headline describing the picture
  3. Link to the picture, so Google Image search helps you bring in traffic
  4. Clean up the HTML, so you do not display 50 lines of emptiness before starting with the text

This is, how much text is on a page:

thinglink lynx

And this is the vast empty space in the source code:

too much

All the rest of online marketing blah blah (social, link building, etc.) will come on its own, once the users actually find the site related to their searches.

Right now I am convinced that the lack of readable text for Google is hurting you and that your great service will suffer from it. Hope you do not mind my open words – just sayin’ ;-), ignore me, if you have other plans or means for your estate.

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