Getting a certificate for code signing (Windows 8 App Store)

Ok, in order to submit to the Microsoft Win 8 store, you have to proof that you are you. Fine… That can only be done with a Symantec certificate… What? Why? Anyhow… That certificate can only be obtained via Symantec. Fine, I pay and do that, too.

Getting a certificate

Then you get an eMail back, that you have to get your signature notarized (which is like 50 bucks on top and a stroll to the notary). Well, I did all that and paid and went and got my passport with me. The friendly guy looked closely as I put my name on the paper and got his seal on the paper then…

I contacted Symantec and told them I am ready. They said: scan it and eMail it in… What? That is strange and everyone with skills in Photoshop can create such a seal on a scan!

All that was done on April 1st and it was not an April Fool’s – a joke nonetheless! Now I hope we can get the App up soon! I am already afraid of the Apple OS X App store story I will tell you soon!

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