How this cat accidentally cracked Facebook and how the outcome will leave you speechless!


This cat accidentally walked over the keyboard of its owner and found a hidden backdoor to Facebook. This changed a whole industry … OR:

You did click, shame on you:

What happens right now on the web is annoying and only mildly entertaining: Thousands of articles are published in the same manner:

  • “How this wild dog found a baby and saved it”
  • “Why this can will change they way look at the stars”
  • “21 reasons to work abroad and why they will amaze you”
  • … you get the pattern, don’t you?

headlines are spun for entertainment and if you look what happens to your browser, when you click these stories, I think you should stop clicking them or follow my advice below: You see that cute, funny, semi-interesting story scrolling by on Facebook

dog link

and you click it to land on the article… that now places so called “tracking cookies” on your computer. You basically stick a large follow me sign onto your own back:

dog cookies

I have seen articles that are dropping over 100 little tracking snippets on your computer and that make your movements on the web, your interests, desires and habits all too transparent for the owner of these advertising networks.

Simple Protection

Do me a favor and pick one of these tools, depending on the browser you use:

Chrome: Either search for “cookie cleaner” on the extension download site or go straight to the Cookie Cleaner download.

Firefox: Same here – search for “cookie cleaner” in the Add-ins respository on Mozillas site or go to straight to the cookie destructor.

Internet Explorer: there are currently no such easy tools, but Techrepublic got a nice list of tools that help you to get rid of these little ticks in your browser.

Added: The Aviator browser is available for OS X and Win and gives you a privacy guarantee (Thanks, Kristine).

As someone, who lives (partly) of online advertising, I do not want to condemn the cookie. It is a nice and solid tool to track users and offer them what they want. I am just slightly annoyed by the brainless amount of articles that are placed out there JUST to drop these cookies on you.

  1. Clear your cookies once in a while (normally I do that Sundays)
  2. Use 2 different browsers in no particular pattern – I use IE, Chrome, Firefox AND Safari when I am on the Mac. If you are using one computer mostly, use more browsers to separate activities.
  3. If you are on Windows, add 2 additional Anti-Virus tools to your system. Both are free: “ClamWin Antivirus” and the “Microsoft Security Essentials“.

It is just a hygienic procedure, but you wash your hands after you been to the restrooms, I hope.

The web is a filthy place and will be for the foreseeable future.

hands clean

So this picture reads for you: clean your cookies, stop spread your online fingerprints around the web…

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