Mac with OS X or Windows 8? Both!

windows mac and linux

Once in a while in my facebook timeline I see friends bashing each other for their choice of operating system or platform. Some are “anything but Microsoft” or “Mac is the only good thing on the planet” and so forth.

I think that comes close to typical brainless fanboy behaviour and is not very elegant.

After the AMIGA / Atari bashing times in the late 80’s, the whole discussions about which technology is better wears me out. As a developer I currently use

  • OS X on a Mac Book Air
  • Windows 8 on an Acer Aspire 7 and on Parallels
  • iOS on an iPhone and the emulator on OS X
  • Linux CentOS 6 and 7 on our servers in the US and Germany
  • Android with a Nexus 7 and Genymotion Emulators

almost every day in broad scales.

There is no final: “That is the best technology” – there is only a “That is the best technology for this and that task“.

As the CEO of a company I also have to support sales, look into book keeping in the US and Germany and work on presentations with external partners. Most of these tasks involve Windows based technologies – even Powerpoint on the Mac is no solution, fonts are missing and the layout is not 100%. The book keeping involves files for DATEV and Quickbooks.

Developing apps for iOS and Android on the other hand is much better on the Mac.

Delivering this blog post is well done by Linux and that is easy to manage.

So: Stop bashing other Operating Systems, they are all equally insufficient for all that digital stuff collapsing on our heads in these brave new times of “Internet of things“, buggy Apps and monitoring governments that want us to do everything online.

Real geeks try at least to keep up with all of the major players and then some.

Playing with the Raspberry Pi or a new jailbreak for the iPhone 5 does not hurt – or better: it is our calling… Operating Systems and their hardware platforms became so complex that glorifying one over the other is just a bad idea and a clear sign for me, that your know-how is limited to only a few aspects of that system – otherwise you would just admit: it is all not very good and must become much better before a real geek can be happy – IMHO!

Where is my brain control device?

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