Merry Christmas and a Healthy 2014!

Since this is my personal geek blog, allow me to send out my personal greetings to my co-workers and online friends from around the globe.

interesting people!

Working for Tradebit and creating new features and services around downloads have brought me much more than just experience and technological know-how. I have met strangers on conferences like “Pubcon” or the “Brighton SEO” venue in 2013, who became friends – not just on Facebook!

Talking to brilliant geeks from all over the globe has given me a broader perspective on my daily work and spawned new, funny ideas like the German site ““, I am currently working on.

Especially the “Mobile and Local” hype was big in 2013 and I will continue to develop new services in HTML5 for smartphones in 2014. I am looking forward to do more with TideKit, as soon as their site is live!

I am excited about “Big Data” – yet the data we collect is not big enough to jump that wagon just yet. But playing around with MongoDB and also Hadoop has given me pretty good ideas what to do with my spare time, if there is any!

So, from a geek’s point of view: The major Open Source packages like Apache, Squid, MySQL, SphinxSearch and my favorite development environment PHP will dominate my New Year 2014 – again on Linux. From a personal point of view: I really like my job and the people I meet because of it. So let me close with Steve Balmer, before he leaves: “Developers, Developers, Developers” – have a great Holiday season and a great 2014!

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