One more “mobile first” page is live!

social pictures

A few days back I have released one more little “tool” site based on Bootstrap 3. It is called, short for “social pictures” and an event driven photo sharing site.

Sharing photos based on an event can be done right now with twitter, instagram or even facebook by tagging photos. Yet collecting photos from people, who have been to the same event with you and are not on your radar is kind of complicated. That is the whole purpose of the site.

I released it to test, if people who go to “Pubcon” in NOLA and the “Destination Star Trek” in Frankfurt might find and use it. If so, I would say it has a future. If not, I would just let it sit and idle there.

The background is again based on PHP5.3 with MySQL and this time I have integrated the Softlayer CDN to distribute the photos via a global network closer to the surfer.

The difference of this site to others out there is a very simple setup process for events and the photos you want to upload. We are taking a little bit of a risk to have such a simple registration process, which unlocks the upload function based on a simple eMail-confirmation. Spamming might occur, but I thought: let’s go to the minimum level, just above the bar for spam – at least people need to activate their photos by a confirmation link.

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