OnPage SEO and Google link anchor

Originally I wanted to post absolutely NO search engine related stuff on sno.pe, because the topics around PHP, Linux servers and all the database stuff is complicated enough. Yet I just discovered a nice little side effect of an article we wrote after a discussion with the German SEO Karl Kratz, who discussed the keyword density topic and mathematical background of defining text quality in detail on German SEO conferences.

Like no second in the business he stated clearly: love your text (and copywriter), care about your content, invest!

After these discussions I started a little test myself, which is not yet finished and unlike Karls example I did link to the site from wherever I saw fit.

We are now in the top 20 for the medium keyword that the site is for and are tweaking further! Yet, I saw this: The page triggers a second link in the SERPS, because the page is very long and holds a lot of content. The second link from Google goes directly deep down the page to the glossary. See the picture for a better understanding:

On page link in SERP

1 extra link in the SERP

This is the first time I see that effect with on page anchors and find it pretty amazing to see Google taking out that part and not the others. Might be a coincidence, but nice to see anyway. We will continue this test and finalize the pages over time. The result of this domain will be published around February.

Nonetheless: I was convinced about text quality already, now I have my own proof and can play around with it :-)


Update from the 6th of January: Without any considerable link building, the site XELBO.com went up to position 14 in the English Google SERPs, when I am not logged in, for the keyword “Music Mixing Software”. That is pretty good SEO for over 7 Mio. results in a harsh market.


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