The coding sabbatical and missing Pubcon

Pubcon NOLAIt has been 8 years in a row that I went to Las Vegas in fall to visit Pubcon – my favourite US conference for online marketing. This year I missed it and many of my friends are asking me: why?

So, here is the story behind it:

For all of us online marketeers in general eCommerce, the fall is a pretty busy time. You have to prepare your Christmas shops, get your servers ready for new products. In the past 8 years I went to Pubcon, I have become ill afterwards with a cold. Mainly because we had great parties and I did barely sleep, but also because I am not really good with air conditioned environments and the dry desert air and freezing cold weather on my return to Germany.

So, this year my wife and I had a long discussion about that stressful time and how to handle it. I am currently also working on a new product called “Swarmdesk” – an encryption client for file exchanges – which puts some extra load on my keyboards.

Tenerife View

In order to get my stuff together and finish all planned products and offers, I decided to take a trip to Tenerife, rent an appartment for 4 weeks with solid WiFi and get some work done. This is where I am sitting now, waiting for some downloads to finish and posting this.

The next Pubcon is up: “March 17 – 20, 2014 at the New Orleans Convention Center in the city they call The Big Easy”… and I have already confirmed my speaking slot there.

For the coming 3 more weeks I am here on the Canarias, developing new products and updating our eCommerce sites. The upside is: great weather and a fantastic climate with the ocean breeze and the downside is a 4 MBit/s Internet downlink. That is less than a 25th of what I have at home and which makes working in the cloud a bit annoying:

Mac In Cloud

and compiling something on the Mac remotely is much less fun on that thin uplink. But everything is a bit more relaxed here, so I take it!

One last picture for Brett and Jim – I have brought my T-Shirt with me to send my greetings:


See you soon in NOLA!


2 thoughts on “The coding sabbatical and missing Pubcon

  1. What Todd said. We missed you, Ralf, but good to hear you’ll be back for Pubcon New Orleans. I’m sure you’ll be set and ready to go for the Christmas season, and with that fine weather where you are, it’ll work out great! Have fun!

  2. I knew you were going to miss Pubcon because of the sabbatical but even though I knew I still missed seeing you my friend. However, I look forward to our next encounter! Give our best to Saskia!