To Online-Mordor and back: Monetizing your site!

I am allowed to write this rant. I have opened one of the first online shopping malls in Germany in 1995, I have spammed Google before there was “SEO”, I have made Linux fashionable for Enterprise computing and I have been to Online-Mordor and back:

Advertising driven sites are becoming annoying!

My problem is not that you have to make money with your site. Cram these AdSense blocks down my throat! I tolerate it and I even need to do it myself! I run a company with 7 employees and those need to be paid every month.

In the light of the NSA affair and an awakening spirit of privacy I just question the amount of tracking the companies must do to make money online.

Without advertising, I would be done!

Selling music and other downloads is not that easy, as it was made clear today again. So we make the additional dollar on advertising, too.

But in my opinion sites do loose in trust if they try to push over 90 tracking cookies to my computer, like these guys here:

too much cookies

I was following my good friend Roger Montti on Facebook to an article about the backbenching of Google in the Bay Area today, when that news site he linked to overdid it for me. I truly believe that sites need a mixed monetization scheme beyond advertising. Our company survives on a mix for almost 9 years now!

Oh, I hear you – my dear colleagues: “Cry baby, shut up and shuffle some more nice SEO’ed sites up in the search engines – you do it yourself every day, bigot”… true, but: when I overdid it, I knew it. My bad sites have always been punished and vanished from making money. Sometimes within a few weeks, always after a few months.

We need to go beyond ads

If infomercial sites like professional publisher needs to blast 92 tracking cookies my way to make a living online, making a living online for this kind of press is coming to an end, sooner or later. Ad-blockers and the famous “incognito window” are the first steps to the “privacy aware” customer. If that trend accelerates, the press must go beyond advertising to monetize their work.

I badly want a diverse economy online, but it must go beyond advertising for content publishing. That includes SEO: Search Engine Optimization needs a purpose beyond driving the traffic to your advertising powered “free content” – since I have installed that Ghostery plugin for Chrome, I am annoyed daily – and: NO, uninstalling it is not the solution 😉

Just my 2 cents!

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