Updates of technology all around

It has been a busy October for web and mobile developers. With the new Smartphones we had to test our Apps (and even get our hands on the new phones first). Apache Cordova had a security bug which was killed with a new release and supports now Win 8.1 also. Conferences with new input on mobile design happened. So mobile alone took heavy hours and days of my time to blog.

Beyond that: our CDN did not support SSL and I had to change that to CDN77.com for now. They have reasonable pricing and a shared SSL URL, if you need a global foothold!

On the server side: no updates implemented here, but PHPStorm 8 came out and was crashing on my MacBook Air with Yosemite… which leads me to the Yosemite update: ARGL, now my WiFi is unstable and needed to do some digging to get it working on the train again: a short hint… it is the configuration files which can go corrupt! You have to remove the WiFi settings (only those) on your Mac (“/Library/Preferences/…”) and reboot to get that working again.

Enough with the laments, back to Programming

We did more with Node-Webkit and are in the final stages to release our professional version of Secryptor to the first round of beta testers. If you are into Node-Webkit: contact me and you get a free version to play around – with source code!

Until then: Happy Halloween!

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