What I expected from Apple in 2014

This is not a fanboy post. People following my public statements know: that is not my style :-) – but I expected more from Apple – like so many others. Some new excitement, something very simple and useful. Not a watch for people doing sports (which I do not do very often, shame on me). I also do not need a bigger phone. I need a smaller, lighter one because I am travelling with Laptop, tablet and phone already! So, I just scribbled up my perfect line of products as a business man and developer, who has to travel sometimes for business. See the attached picture for my idea.

Apple iPhone 6 Air Dock

A fully fledged computer, small but powerful with OS X (which can also run Paralells with Windows) for all development and business needs with the size of a laptop and no display (could have an even stronger battery or bigger drive). A little machine with the size of a laptop (Air 11″ just looks like that, if you rip off the display) that has a docking station for the iPhone 6+… It would stay at home, well connected to the big display in its home base connector (USB 3 is fine by me) and come with me in the sleeve for a short business trip. The display would be my iPhone 6+ then…

That would have been useful to me!

Google is heading in that direction with their design study and I think it is time for Apple to rethink hardware, too!

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