Why the German SEOphonist SEO contest is a gold mine

Frankly – Google is changing fast and changing a lot. If you are in the business of improving the rankings for yourself or for customers, there is so much to learn and do every day. Most people working in that area call themselves SEO (search engine optimizers) or “inbound marketeers”.

just by putting something up

just by putting something up… klout jumped

The German scene is pretty active, posts a lot and provides interesting tools for optimizations which can compete with the overwhelming strong market in the US and Canada.

Every year (2013 is the 5th in a row, I think), a group of online marketeers start a ranking contest with a new, artificial keyword, which was not ranking before. This year it is “SEOphonist”.

The winner will be drawn on Wednesday the 18th of September (2 days from now) and by writing in English and so late, it should be clear, that this post is not a contender, but a hint for those, who do optimizations and analysis for SEO:

  • Fresh grounds: The contest starts with an artificial keyword, that did not produce any results prior to the start of the contest. That is creating a very nice testbed for analysis without any older factors.
  • Top 5 Results: The top 5 results are the most interesting ones to take a look and see, if there are any special links, content specifics, etc. that made these results rank. You would need to compare those to the results, not ranking so high, though!

In that environment you may test tools, back link structures and on page factors to find your own way of doing SEO. I am prepared to do my snapshot for the German search:


and take a dive into it. I already found that my test domain http://seophoni.st/ is not even showing up in the results, despite the fact that Google knows it. It is an indication for either a penalty right of the bat or a distrust in the top level domain ST. Get your tools and backlink analysis running, the contest is a great opportunity for all, who want to get up to speed with SEO.

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