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We are slowly closing in to the first Beta release of our encryption and communication tool, called “SwarmDesk“. As soon as we have something for you to download, I will flood the social channels – most likely by end of September.

code snippet

The tool is developed with a software set called “TideSDK“, which I mentioned here before. After a few weeks working with the SDK, I feel more confident to give you a thumbs up on the technology. For simple desktop apps, the tool set is pretty strong and stable.

The output of the compiled app (as far as we can see) on Windows 8, OS X and Windows 8.1 pre-release is working nicely and I have also had contact with some people behind the product, to discuss our roadmap and release plans until Christmas.

David and Christian from CoastalForge have been very open and direct about the next steps behind the commercial release of the TideKit – which will obviously be much more than just a next step of the TideSDK set. See their posting on Google Plus with the video of the concept:

We will not wait for the site to go live to let our application go out into the wild, but rather shoot for a 4 weeks Beta phase with the first public release, then go back and fix the errors and be ready with a solid product for TideKit, when they go live!

The early beta is now available for download and you may take it out on a test drive.

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